Monday, January 13, 2014

New phase

I am not able to interpret what I was saying at that phase of my life. Sitting on bed doing nothing. Inhaling weed and waking up lost. The point I think when I just came out of hangover there is a void. This void is focused. Anything which impresses you get populated with its aspects. All of it. They all might not be phased properly. But you are so full of it that it all looks apt at that moment. No matter how many times you read it, it will make sense. But that was four years back.
Reading that seems like I rubbed randomly on Some blank slate as kids do. But I feel that all was very deep. I felt so unique and proud when I wrote that. It was like I am penetrating into my own brain. Going deep inside, and that inside is full of examples and analogies. Its like skipping many steps and reaching to that final conclusion because I dont have to make someone understand what I am saying. U are jumping from one conclusion to other because I felt speed in my brain. Like Hulk jumping from one rock to another in canyons. U are so much into that moment that once you come to surface it all looks weird or obscure.

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