Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Why are we facing this misery?

Is there any way to come out of it? I think no. Its like you are living in two worlds. Its just you don’t really can differentiate that which one is reality and which one is dream. But definitely when you end up having big fight its like you come alive with all your senses, you start observing everything around. A formal (reality) phase begins, with no physical contact. You somehow start respecting each other, start behaving without motive. This is not dream nor reality this is something in between or you can say hangover of reality. In this phase you resolute not to dream again, to maintain your distance. But every one get tiered of reality sooner or later and needed rest, hence start the dream phase in which you will loose yourself, your dignity and start enjoying the your dream. But the next reality is bitter then the earlier one. Or you can say it the continuation of the earlier one with added effects and facts. Its goanna get worse. This is also a role like all other, with physical interaction involved. Preferred to not get very emotional, think it of like any other role, fulfill your duties, stay loyal, and last but not the least stay real stay awake.

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