Thursday, April 22, 2010

i experimented and find lots of cloths which are not branded but better then branded

Is wisdom is also information?, or its just technology?. Wisdom in any form be it novel, movie, saying, any idea popped into someone's mind. Is it propagating smoothly. I have been fond of movies, or I would say I got the chance and place to address all sort of movies. As I walked further, I realized that apart from fun movies can be channelized for a greater cause. But again is everyone is ready to associate with a cause. A person who collects garbage all day, will he be interested? not actually. Even a professional working in office might not be. he could be a part of a cause, and that in true sense noble. I think all this is great promoting education, providing food to poor, donation to orphanage, they would definitely result in some higher return. But apart from all this there is a thought, this is a whole different perspective.

Don't you think we should inject something in these growing minds which have everlasting effect. In my mind that anecdote is injecting culture. I heard once that terrorist organisations made small children to watch videos of the pain and agony incited upon there ancestors.

In old Indian rajput culture, mothers used to sing invictus to there children, even they used to tell the stories of their great great grand fathers.

In Buddha ashrams, they preach peace so they can promote it for the greater good of the nation.

We have also been given such lessons but where are they, and how these monasteries and 'madarsas' has such long lasting effect on there followers.

The answer lies in couple of questions, do you know what you want to do rest of your life?, is there any thing worth die for?

They have answers for both of these. World is so much diversified, every one wants to do everything. Even the 'daas' and 'daasis' of old times used to know they have to serve their masters for whole life, there were no conflicts and they were loyal. so where is the loophole? Is our expectations killing us? This pertinent urgency to move ahead, this impatience, how far will this take us?

This is a pillar of constant height, if one rises then other falls, but pillar remains of the same length. Is society overall improving, or its just we are moving?

There are strategies and models which can lead to overall success. But are we adapting it?

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