Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is it fun or Corruption?

cheated in class 5th, strong feeling of guilt inside, shouldn't have done that, will not do it again. Cheated in college, came out and announces it everywhere, felt proud. hows this transition comes. how this guilt changed into fun. is this the indication towards some higher harm to society?

Does any one knows he has turn into evil? Does 'Neki kar dariya mein daal' really effective. As far as I know most of the old age people are man of principals. But most of the government officials are also senior citizens. Is just taking bribe is corruption or not doing your work properly is. I think both. How will one defines the corruption? Boman Irani says they were "more dangerous than terrorists". they attacking the very soul of nation and propagating that to society. where is the root?

Its these small things that accumulates. consider it as fun, but that gathers as a pile of shit which blocks the channel to growth. Is it enough to have one pure aspect in our life, or whole life should be pure. The final question is, is it path or the destination? is it geeta or ramayana? which one is important. choice is yours to make.

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