Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Why are we facing this misery?

Is there any way to come out of it? I think no. Its like you are living in two worlds. Its just you don’t really can differentiate that which one is reality and which one is dream. But definitely when you end up having big fight its like you come alive with all your senses, you start observing everything around. A formal (reality) phase begins, with no physical contact. You somehow start respecting each other, start behaving without motive. This is not dream nor reality this is something in between or you can say hangover of reality. In this phase you resolute not to dream again, to maintain your distance. But every one get tiered of reality sooner or later and needed rest, hence start the dream phase in which you will loose yourself, your dignity and start enjoying the your dream. But the next reality is bitter then the earlier one. Or you can say it the continuation of the earlier one with added effects and facts. Its goanna get worse. This is also a role like all other, with physical interaction involved. Preferred to not get very emotional, think it of like any other role, fulfill your duties, stay loyal, and last but not the least stay real stay awake.

Monday, January 13, 2014

New phase

I am not able to interpret what I was saying at that phase of my life. Sitting on bed doing nothing. Inhaling weed and waking up lost. The point I think when I just came out of hangover there is a void. This void is focused. Anything which impresses you get populated with its aspects. All of it. They all might not be phased properly. But you are so full of it that it all looks apt at that moment. No matter how many times you read it, it will make sense. But that was four years back.
Reading that seems like I rubbed randomly on Some blank slate as kids do. But I feel that all was very deep. I felt so unique and proud when I wrote that. It was like I am penetrating into my own brain. Going deep inside, and that inside is full of examples and analogies. Its like skipping many steps and reaching to that final conclusion because I dont have to make someone understand what I am saying. U are jumping from one conclusion to other because I felt speed in my brain. Like Hulk jumping from one rock to another in canyons. U are so much into that moment that once you come to surface it all looks weird or obscure.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

i experimented and find lots of cloths which are not branded but better then branded

Is wisdom is also information?, or its just technology?. Wisdom in any form be it novel, movie, saying, any idea popped into someone's mind. Is it propagating smoothly. I have been fond of movies, or I would say I got the chance and place to address all sort of movies. As I walked further, I realized that apart from fun movies can be channelized for a greater cause. But again is everyone is ready to associate with a cause. A person who collects garbage all day, will he be interested? not actually. Even a professional working in office might not be. he could be a part of a cause, and that in true sense noble. I think all this is great promoting education, providing food to poor, donation to orphanage, they would definitely result in some higher return. But apart from all this there is a thought, this is a whole different perspective.

Don't you think we should inject something in these growing minds which have everlasting effect. In my mind that anecdote is injecting culture. I heard once that terrorist organisations made small children to watch videos of the pain and agony incited upon there ancestors.

In old Indian rajput culture, mothers used to sing invictus to there children, even they used to tell the stories of their great great grand fathers.

In Buddha ashrams, they preach peace so they can promote it for the greater good of the nation.

We have also been given such lessons but where are they, and how these monasteries and 'madarsas' has such long lasting effect on there followers.

The answer lies in couple of questions, do you know what you want to do rest of your life?, is there any thing worth die for?

They have answers for both of these. World is so much diversified, every one wants to do everything. Even the 'daas' and 'daasis' of old times used to know they have to serve their masters for whole life, there were no conflicts and they were loyal. so where is the loophole? Is our expectations killing us? This pertinent urgency to move ahead, this impatience, how far will this take us?

This is a pillar of constant height, if one rises then other falls, but pillar remains of the same length. Is society overall improving, or its just we are moving?

There are strategies and models which can lead to overall success. But are we adapting it?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is it fun or Corruption?

cheated in class 5th, strong feeling of guilt inside, shouldn't have done that, will not do it again. Cheated in college, came out and announces it everywhere, felt proud. hows this transition comes. how this guilt changed into fun. is this the indication towards some higher harm to society?

Does any one knows he has turn into evil? Does 'Neki kar dariya mein daal' really effective. As far as I know most of the old age people are man of principals. But most of the government officials are also senior citizens. Is just taking bribe is corruption or not doing your work properly is. I think both. How will one defines the corruption? Boman Irani says they were "more dangerous than terrorists". they attacking the very soul of nation and propagating that to society. where is the root?

Its these small things that accumulates. consider it as fun, but that gathers as a pile of shit which blocks the channel to growth. Is it enough to have one pure aspect in our life, or whole life should be pure. The final question is, is it path or the destination? is it geeta or ramayana? which one is important. choice is yours to make.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Interpretaion of "No Smoking" by Anurag Kashyap

I have read in which circumstances did Anurag Kashyap made this film and what exactly he wanted to convey by this movie. I think its a revolutionary movie and a bold step by Anurag Sir to release it in India. I personally feel that message can be conveyed more effectively and have a long lasting effect if its get conveyed using analogies. Please watch the movie before reading this blog further that will help you to relate things.

He made this movie as a revenge to the censor board. Actually his earlier movies "Paanch" and "Black Friday" was banned by the censor board ("Black Friday" was released later). "No Smoking" is about a character K(played by John Abrahim, but analogically he is K-ashyap himself) who is arrogant. There is a dialogue by John in the movie "No one tells me what to do". He is narcists and a chain smoker who hates, when people tell him to quit smoking or to join any rehab for that.

Now lets have this perspective . Consider K as a 'difference' who wants to live like a free man and do what he wants to. At the same time consider those as a part of 'system' who want him to change, be his wife Anjali(Aesha Takiya), be it Baba Bengali(Paresh Rawal), and be all of his friends who had been victim of the 'system' one time or another and now wants K to be the part of the same 'system' (otherwise they wont get their amputated fingers back).

Its a fact that when person enters into his field of interest, whether its cinema or politics or any other area, he enters as a change and with the ideas of bringing change, because he loves it and wants it to flourish, but system wont let that happen, some stops him because they neither have interest or intellect for the field, and others because they were like K earlier and now the victim of the system.

In his dream he used to see 'cigarette pack' and 'bath tub'. Actually they were analogical to two paths one(cigarette pack) which leads him to his revolutionary path and let him be what he is, but if he follows that he got killed(by some russian soldier). And other(bath tub) leads to the path where his soul separates from his body and get imprisoned and finally burned, which implies now he is also a part of the system(which eventually happens with K).

There is a scene in movie when Baba Bengali(system) dictates K "aatma chanchal hoti hai mann se usse vash mein kiya ja sakta hai" but what actually written in GITA is "mann chanchal hota hai yog aur vairagya se usse vash mein kar sakte hain, aatma toh achal aur nashwar hai"

Movie has a perfect ending with K looking at its amputated fingers, which implies he is a part of system now and have to look for others to have his fingers back.
I accept that change is the law of nature but let only nature bring that change into them, forced inheritance will result into killing of soul as happened with K.

I still don't know what that one rupee signifies.